Prince and Hydrogen present the first co-branding in the history of Tennis Racquets.

The 2 brands launch a unique product had to be created: “Tattoo Racquet” the first-ever tattooed tennis racquet. For the very first time, a racquet brand has partnered up with another brand to create an exceptional product.

A Limited Edition inspired by Alberto Bresci's tattoos,
Hydrogen designer and who is also Ambassador of the project.

The "Co-Lab" includes the creation of a limited series of technical equipment for tennis, from rackets, bags, to accessories such as dampeners, grip, and overgip.


Capsule Prince by Hydrogen

The “O3 Tattoo 100” racquet, available in two different versions weighing 310g / 10.9OZ or 290g / 10.2OZ, features an innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

It’s a reinterpretation of Prince Tour O3 100 and is suitable for a very wide range of users, since it meets the precise needs of intermediate and advanced tennis players.

The frame of the “O3 Tattoo 100” model has been enhanced with the new
Textreme X technology, which adds Twaron to the original Textreme formula,
for increased shot control.