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About Us

Hydrogen is one of the leading Italian Luxury Sportswear brands. Founded in 2003 by Designer Alberto Bresci, Hydrogen stands out as the first company that produces luxurious sportswear and numerous limited editions in co-branding with excellence brands also not properly connected with fashion. Since the beginning, Hydrogen has been working with brands such as K-Way®, Superga®, Fiat, Mv Agusta, Lotus, Wally Maxy Yacht, Automobili Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Gruppo Perfetti, Sartoria Luigi Bianchi Mantova, Henderson, JPLUS, Duvetica. Bresci was inspired by an old denim shirt belonging to Lawyer Gianni Agnelli, the "Camicia Avvocato" that became the iconic piece of the brand. The lines are: Hydrogen Man, Hydrogen Woman, Hydrogen Kids, Hydrogen Tennis, Hydrogen Eyewear.

Designer Profile

As a teenager, Italian born Alberto Bresci dreamed of becoming an international tennis player. While studying and training in Miami a sports related injury forced Bresci to shift his focus towards other passions. This led Alberto to London where he studied business at the European Business School of London. During his studies Alberto befriended Lapo Elkann, the grandson of famous lawyer and Style Icon, Gianni Agnelli. Elkann gifted Alberto an old denim shirt that belonged to his grandfather. This shirt inspired Bresci to begin his own fashion line. In 2003, Bresci recreated the chambray – which he coined the Avvocato shirt - in a distressed fabric that mimicked the style of the original and included an embroidered Italian flag to express the Made in Italy quality. This became the first piece of the Hydrogen collection. Alberto’s passion for tennis continues to inspire all aspects of his designs. In the thirteen years since Hydrogen launched, the collection has grown from a menswear label into a complete lifestyle brand featuring womenswear, kidswear, and accessories while continuing to lead the luxury sportswear realm.

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